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Refurbished Tram Bench

One vintage tram bench from a bygone era completed and once again absolutely stunning.


Sourced by a good friend this bench was upholstered when we got it, tired and damp it has since been stripped right back to the original woodwork and staples removed before sanded to restore the original grain. It was then broken down to it's component parts with the legs and metalwork repainted whilst the woodwork was oiled before rebuilt as a completed piece.


The back rest is reversible and was designed to swap the direction the seats were facing for the return leg of the journey. This meant that passengers would always be able to face forwards in the carriage.


This lovely piece would be an excellent addition to a hallway, boot-room, or even a kitchen table and provides a bit of character and history to your home.


This bench is in good condition with the wood holding its colour really well and showing a lovely patina. The wood is all original and sound.


I love finding forgotten pieces steeped in history and memories. Salvaged, stripped down and cleaned whilst not taking away from it's character.

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