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Tomahawk Peace Pipe
Tomahawk Peace Pipe
Tomahawk Peace Pipe
Tomahawk Peace Pipe

Tomahawk Peace Pipe

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The combined pipe and tomahawk became a crucial diplomatic tool in Native culture.  European colonists presented pipe tomahawks as gifts during diplomatic agreements and treaty signings with tribes. Pipe tomahawks eventually became status symbols within the tribes. Chiefs who received pipe tomahawks at treaty signings carried them their entire lives. As signs of prestige, pipe tomahawks often were held by Native American Chiefs while being photographed.

The high polish steel head contrasts well with the dark timber haft; this peace pipe is totally functional as a pipe (gauze not included), but despite its high carbon steel head, do not use to chop wood or throw as the haft is hollow and would likely break. 

Approximate specifications are as follows:

Length: 46cm
Head Length: 19.5cm 
Blade length: 6.5cm 
Weight: 550g 


Although this is a decorative piece, you will be asked for photo ID when purchasing. Over 18yrs only.