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Collection: Up-Cycled Lighting & Home Decor

Upcycle / definition :  “reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original”

Whilst we started off using old, disused mechanical parts to create unique table lamps, this has morphed into a plethora of household items including ceiling lights, coffee tables and storage solutions.  We not only use mechanical objects that have seen the end of their working life, we also use vintage tools, driftwood, bottles and anything else we come across with character that we would rather see reused than thrown to landfill. 

In a throwaway society, we feel it is important to reuse as much as we can.  Who remembers when you bought an item, used it for years then passed it on to someone else? If it broke, it got fixed and used for another lot of years.  Thankfully we have started to see a change in trend.  People are slowly taking heed on the effect of our over flowing landfill and the state of our oceans.  This new trend in sustainable design is rising in popularity as homeowners and venues get creative in their search for something unique. 

This is where Shambles Workshop can absolutely deliver.  We can produce our own stock items, work to requests and specific requirements as well as work with your own items in order to convert them from sentimental memory to living, treasured items. 
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