Whiskey Barrel Clock
Whiskey Barrel Clock

Whiskey Barrel Clock

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Made from the lid of a retired Jack Daniel's whiskey barrel, this beautiful wall clock is a fine piece of functional art.

The black metal clock surround is adorned with Roman numerals, classic spade-hand design and diamond intersections. The clock mechanism is a battery-powered, hi-torque Quartz movement with quiet ticking sound.

This lid is from a Jack Daniel's barrel and you can still see the distillery marking. We estimate it is 40 to 50 years old and the age and character is clear to see.

The wood has been cleaned, sanded and finished with a coat of oil to bring out the richness of the colours.

This piece measures 54cm (21") diameter and weighs 5kg. It comes with an industrial-strength slide-in bracket to fix it to the wall. The battery is also included. 

Whether for residential or commercial use, this little beauty is sure to get noticed.

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